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  About company

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About company

DiViSy Group develops and manufactures DiViSy hardware and software named like professional videoconferences DiViSy. 
DiViSy products are manufactured for and supplied to the following government customers: Emergency Ministry of RF, Ministry of Defense of RF, regional divisions of the Chief Department of Interiors of Moscow region, Ministry of Communications of RF, Gazcom Public Company, Moscow government, etc. DiViSy computer hardware and software are certified by State Standards Committee of RF, they are highly reliable and being continuously updated. 
The all kind of products and technologies developed by DiViSy are used for video and audio conferencing, selective conferencing, telemedicine consulting, remote training, video watching and service monitoring, conducting telebridges, remote observing, etc.

The major customers are Promstroibank of RF, Electrosvyaz Public Company in Rostov-on-Don, Gazcom Public Company, Russian Academy of Public Services at the President of RF, Aeroflot Public Company, Ministry of Defense of RF, Ministry of Railway RF, any Russian Television and Broadcasting Company, Mobile TeleSystems Public Company, Gormost Department in Moscow, Soyustechproect, Leica Microsystems Wetzlar GmbH, Karl Storz Endoskope, United Administrative and Engineering Inspection Office in Moscow, medical institutions in Moscow including P.A.Gerzen Moscow Research Institute of Oncology, A.V.Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery, some City Hospitals, some Hospitals of Railway Ministry, Ministry of Defense, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Vologda, Kiev (Ukraine), etc.
In 1999 a new technology of video transmission through the GSM (9,600 bit per second) and CDMA (14,400 bit per second) cell communication channels was developed and tested. 

In 2000 the DiViSy technology and hardware were chosen as the base to build telemedicine network of the Ministry of Railway of RF. This decision was made after many tests and comparisons with hardware of foreign companies. Presently the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Railway and 6 hospitals in Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Yaroslavl, Ecaterinburg, Novgorod, Novosibirsk are already equipped. In 2003 it is being planned to equip 10 more hospitals of the Ministry of Communications in various cities in Russia. The telemedicine network of the Ministry of Railway of RF operates on continuous basis and joint work with the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Railway of RF is being carried out on improving the methods of telemedicine consulting and remote medical training. 
A similar work on building telemedicine networks is being carried out with Chief Military Hospital №25 Ministry Defense of RF and Chief Military Hospital of the Federal Frontier Service of RF. A work on building telemedicine network in the Republic of Northern Osetia - Alania on the basis of DiViSy TM21 system has been started.
In July 2001, an international conference on medicine was held within the program of the Days of Bavaria in Moscow. Fragments of the work of the Moscow telemedicine network with the use of DiViSy TM21 telemedicine system were demonstrated to the conference members. The German specialists properly appreciated the high quality of the Russian telemedicine technologies. The Ministry for Economy, Transportation and Technologies of the Land of Bavaria forwarded a letter of thanks to the Moscow Government and the DiViSy Group for the demonstration of the high level of the Russian technologies.
In August 2001, the DiViSy VO21 system for processing and transferring video data for GrANT drones was demonstrated at the International airspace show in Zhukovsky city.

Among the projects of the DiViSy Group is a network of the Moscow entity Gormost, which combines the technologies of remote watching and monitoring the Moscow tunnels and pumping plants. In May 2001, a pilot project was started for the purpose of which the Gormost supervisors watch the tunnel and the pumping plant with the use of a remotely controlled camera and carry out telemetric control and handling of the basic service equipment. Optic fiber channels of Comcor Public Company are used as communication channels and organizational principals how to maintain the video network and what to do in case of emergency are also being developed jointly. 
In June 2001, in Ukraine an offer to build a telemedicine video network for Central City Hospital №1 in Kiev was made in public media. One of the members of this tender was the Kiev company - Megatec that is a partner of the DiViSy Group in Ukraine. This tender resulted into the decision to build a telemedicine network for the hospital with the use of the DiViSy TM21 technologies and hardware. In December 2001, the first part of the network was put into pilot operation.
In 2001 the DiViSy TM21 telemedicine system was awarded the Gold medal at Moscow Industrial Exhibition VII.
Beginning in 2002 any DiViSy system uses more qualitative and reliable DiViSy TM21 technologies.

In October 2002, the development and pilot tests of the self-contained wireless mobile DiViSy VO21 systems for video and audio transmission was completed. The said mobile systems can be implemented for video watch, telemedicine, transmission of the information from the scene of actions, etc.
In the same month successful tests of the DiViSy VC21 hardware with the use of the modern Inmarsat - R-BGAN satellite stations at the transmission rate up to 144
КВ per second were completed.

In November 2002, works on developing special purpose DiViSy IS21 stations for image processing. The said stations can be used for processing and improving images both for industrial and medical purposes.
The most up-to-date hardware/software means are used and continuously improved for the DiViSy technologies, hardware and software for video and audio conferencing. At the customer's request the hardware/software can be adjusted to the specific requirements of definite communication sessions.

E-Mail: info@divisy.com