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Abbreviation for the European equivalent of DS1 (T1) (ITU-T Rec. G.703 and G.732), 2.048 Mbps.

Abbreviation for the European equivalent of DS3, 34.368 Mbps.

Echo cancellation
Prevents a system from picking up the sound from its own speakers and transmitting it back to other conference sites. Highly desirable for acceptable audioconferencing.

Echo Return Loss Enhancement (ERLE)
A figure of merit for acoustic and telephony echo cancellers, expressed in dB. An acoustic echo canceller (AEC) electronically enhances the apparent loss between the room loudspeaker and the microphones.

Echo Suppression
The insertion of mild attenuation in audio transmit and/or receive signal paths to eliminate howling caused by excessive closed-loop gain. Echo suppression may also be used with AECs to attenuate any residual echo signals.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
The sending and receiving of data directly between trading partners without paper or human intervention.

A mathematical transposition of a file or data stream so that it cannot be deciphered at the receiving end without the proper key. Encryption is a security feature that assures that only the parties who are supposed to be participating in a video conference or data transfer are able to do so. This has not been an essential feature for telemedicine systems, but with the growing concern about patient privacy in telemedicine networks it may become one. See firewall.

Equal Access
Ability to choose between the different long-distance carriers. In rural areas, some local exchange carriers are still serviced by only one long-distance carrier.

Error Rate
The probability of a bit, character or block being in error within a given sample size.

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Headquartered in Geneva CH and with its technical center in Brussels BE, the EBU is an association of European and world broadcasters which also provides programming to its members, including the Eurovision Network.

European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)

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