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The process of dividing a continuous range of signal values into contiguous parts, a unique value being assigned to each part.

Quarter Common Intermediate Format (QCIF)
Describes a subset of the type of coded video signals transmitted when using ITU-T Rec. H.261 and H.263 coding methods. A measure of video resolution, displaying 176 pixels by 144 lines. Has half of the CIF spatial resolution of FCIF. This is the 'default' minimum H.261 format. Typically used in desktop videoconferencing.

R - Y
Red minus luminance (Y). One of the two color signals used in encoding television signals.

Radiology Information System (RIS)
An integrated system for the processing of radiologic images. Arguably, the quickest, clinical ancillary area to be changing over to a paperless, patient record. Check the growing, Radiology and Imaging List at Emory. RIS is a key part of a clinical information system (CIS), and an area that places a high demand on the HIS in terms of the need for electronic storage and rapid transmission of images. The remote interpretation of radiologic images - teleradiology, is a component of telemedicine.

Rapid Deployment System
A "bare-bones" videoconferencing system, including codec, packaged in air-transportable containers and permitting rapid setup, intended for establishing videoconferencing in emergency and crisis situations.

Real Time
Sends and receives audio / video / data simultaneously, without more than a fraction of a second delay. Applications that are transmitted within a few seconds are sometimes called
near real time

Receive-Only Codec
A video codec only able to receive communications signals and process them for local output, for use at receive locations in point-to-multipoint or broadcast applications such as DBS where two-way communication with the sending location is not required.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
Any of six arrangements of conventional disk drives to increase data transmission speed and reliability, and better assure safe backup.

Redundant (information)
Video data information which does not change over time (temporally redundant) or video data information where a given pixel is surrounded with similar pixels (spatially redundant).
Reed-Solomon Code
A forward-error correction technique used for satellite transmission and CD recordings.

The level of detail that can be captured or displayed. For video displays (teleradiology or interactive video) resolution is measured in pixels x lines x< A href="gl_b1.shtml#BITDEP">bit depth.

An RGB video signal based on the NTSC 525-line scanning rates.

An RGB video signal based on the PAL 625-line scanning rates.

RGB Video Signal
  • A video signal where the red (R), green (G) and blue (B) picture components are each present as individual signals. Synchronization information may be included with the G signal or may be separate.
  • A coding language that controls the electron gun in CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors. The video signal that comes into the monitor is separated into its component parts and converted to RGB; the video images are then rendered on the monitor's screen.

  • Rollabout unit
    Common term for a teleconferencing/telemedicine unit where the monitor, CODEC, camera, etc. are placed in a cabinet with wheels that can be rolled from room to room. Often a somewhat ludicrous misnomer, since some 'rollabout units' weigh over 500 lb. Compare to room unit.

    Room unit
    Common term for a large teleconferencing/telemedicine unit, usually with two large monitors, that is placed more or less permanently at a single site.

    A device which routes data to the segment of the network it was meant to go to, rather than be broadcast to all segments.

    The assignment of a communication path by which a telephone call will reach its destination.

    RS-232 C
    A standard interface between a piece of equipment and a telephone circuit.

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